Five Solas/Doctrines of Grace


In the 16th century God performed a work in Europe that changed the entire world. We refer to it today as the Protestant Reformation. While we admittedly do not hold to all of the teachings of the reformers there are two main headings of reformed theology that we firmly believe. Namely the Five Solas of the Reformation and the Doctrines of Grace.


The Five Solas are a reference to five Latin phrases that describe the basic theological beliefs of the reformers. The Latin “Sola” means only or alone.

Sola Scriptura  (Scripture Alone)

We believe that the Bible is God breathed and that it is our sole authority for faith and practice. Scriptures are not under the judgment of the church, or tradition, but the church is under the judgment of the scripture. Our doctrine is received only from God’s completed revelation to man.

Sola Gratia  (Grace Alone)

We believe that salvation is all of grace. The only thing man contributes in his salvation is his sin. Salvation is of the Lord and it is by His unmerited favor that man is redeemed.

Solo Fide (Faith Alone)

Man receives eternal life by grace but it is through faith alone and not by works. Faith is what links man to God’s redemptive plan and it is through faith that man is declared just by God the Father.

Solo Christo (Christ Alone)

Faith must have an object and the object of saving faith is Jesus Christ. To be saved a man’s faith must be in Christ alone and in His finished work on the cross where He bore the wrath of God for our sins and in His victorious resurrection verified His work. Jesus Christ is the Mediator between God and man and His righteousness is the only righteousness God will accept. Faith must be in Christ alone.

Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God Alone)

We are created for God’s glory and whatever we do, whether eating, drinking or whatever it may be, should be for the glory of God. In God’s grace man has no room to boast. Salvation is of the Lord and because of this God alone gets the glory for delivering sinners from wrath.


The issue of God’s sovereignty in salvation has been identified as the continental divide of theology. The Bible teaches with no question that God is author of salvation and that God is the One who completes it from beginning to end. These precious truths have been systemized into five main headings.

Total Depravity

Man, inheriting the guilt, sin and nature of Adam, are sinners alienated from God and spiritually dead. Man’s entire being, mind, emotions and will, are corrupted by sin. Natural man has a flawed understanding of good and will not seek after the true God. Although man may be restrained by God’s common grace and is not as bad as he could be, he is as bad off as he can be, because of his condition, and desperately needs God to intervene if he will be saved from wrath.

Unconditional Election

The Bible says that those who believe were chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world. The church is God’s elect and this term is used of believers throughout the New Testament. God’s choice was by sovereign grace and not based upon any foreseen merit or choice in man, making election unconditional.

Definite Atonement

We believe that when Christ died He purchased everything necessary for the salvation of those placed in Him before the creation of the world. The salvation of all who would believe was secured by the work of Christ. Therefore when we speak of what Christ actually did, the Bible speaks in definite terms. His death did not merely make salvation possible, but made it sure for those He intended to redeem, who will be around His throne from every tribe, kindred, language and nation.

Conquering Call of Grace

Those whom Christ redeemed, God calls to faith. This call goes beyond a general outward call but it is an inward call where God calls the sinner to believe in Christ. His work on the heart of man causes man to repent and believe the gospel. This call is effective upon all those given to Christ by the Father and conquers all resistance the sinner has against a holy God. All who God calls with conquering grace come to faith in Christ.

Preserving Grace

Those who experience a true conversion are kept by the power of God through faith. God keeps them persevering in the faith and from ultimately falling away. Eternal life is given to them and no one has the power to take this away because it has been given graciously by God. God causes all things both good and bad to work for the good of those who are His own and will one day finish His work of conforming them to the image of Jesus Christ.